“Mamorwa is an incredible and unforgettable life experience!

It is in the middle of these mountains, in the heart of the Colombian forest, that I met these three Mamos brothers to guide me in a journey to meet myself.

In this magical place, far from any technology, where time seems not to exist, I had the happiness and the honour to share the daily life of this Arhuaca family:
Juan and Duavico, perfect in their role of big brother,
Gunavia in the role of mistress of the house,
Eulogio and his intriguing words,
as well as the children who bring their touch of innocence and lightness.

Not forgetting the other adventure companions I met on the spot, who came from many countries to live this same experience.

And of course my friend Marc whom I had the pleasure of meeting again on the spot! He, the bridge of the word of these wise men, whose talent as a translator is matched only by his immense generosity and involvement. He without whom this experience would have been much less rich.

Each of them has brought me precious lessons in their own way.
Everything in this place is food for thought:
Sometimes in the silence of the fire under the stars ;
sometimes in the hard work in the fields ;
sometimes in the discussions during the patient picking of coca leaves;
sometimes in the carefree meals together;
sometimes in the pleasant making of coffee or cocoa;
sometimes in weaving the mochila;
sometimes recovering in my hammock;
sometimes lulled by the sacred river;
often in the pre-dawn moments of thought sitting on my rock;
often also in the solemn moments of exchange in the evening at the fire circle.
But always in kindness and love, under the warm laughter of these people who do so much good in difficult times.

Thank you to all these people for these moments of life that still accompany me in my daily life, and to this new part of the family that is waiting for me and that I will have a lot of joy to find again.”



Thomas – France, september 2019