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Year 2024 – Encounters in sacred land

The encounters in Arhuaco territory in the year 2024 Mamorwa is a sacred site dedicated to the recovery of a thought, in adequacy with the laws of the living. A strong, positive and fertile thought. This thought has the power to build a future and projects that make sense for oneself, for humans, for the […]

Nikola’s experience feedback

My soul called me to come to Mamorwa and I am more than grateful to hear it. I am grateful to be my own guide, to have confidence in the path and to come to this sacred land. I lived in the present moment with the magic of the elements, strength of the mountains, abundance […]

Christèle’s experience feedback

“For me, Mamorwa was a journey into unknown territory on all levels. I didn’t know the history of the Arhuacos and Colombia. I just wanted to meet them and find myself. At 48 years old, I wanted to take a break in my life. I appreciated the care on arrival in Valledupar to the Mamorwa […]

Rémi’s experience feedback

“Thanks to Mamos Duavico, Juan and the whole family, I had a great experience, authentic and spiritual. It is a special place to learn about yourself, about life, to reconnect with nature. Thanks to the other volunteers and to Marc for the translation. I went there out of curiosity and I came out better.”   […]

Thomas’s experience feedback

“Mamorwa is an incredible and unforgettable life experience! It is in the middle of these mountains, in the heart of the Colombian forest, that I met these three Mamos brothers to guide me in a journey to meet myself. In this magical place, far from any technology, where time seems not to exist, I had […]

Charlotte’s experience feedback

“This 3 weeks experience in Mamorwa will remain engraved in my mind. It was an unforgettable adventure where I learned a lot about both manual and spiritual work. Thank you to the Mamos and the little family for these moments.” Charlotte – France, October 2019.

Anne-Claire’s experience feedback

“Mamorwa is an exceptional place to connect with oneself, with others, with a strong community based on sharing and the link to deep nature. To follow a spiritual retreat at Mamorwa is to plunge into the heart of one’s history and buried dreams in order to give them new life. It is to meet and […]

Marlène’s experience feedback

“Coming to Mamorwa to live with the Arhuacos is not only to discover another culture but also to make a journey with oneself. I spent a month with them and it changed me deeply. It is a stay that will remain forever engraved in my mind. To live with the Arhuacos is to reconnect with […]