My soul called me to come to Mamorwa and I am more than grateful to hear it. I am grateful to be my own guide, to have confidence in the path and to come to this sacred land.
I lived in the present moment with the magic of the elements, strength of the mountains, abundance of nature’s beauty and healing of the pure water.

Each morning I connected with my being through the spirit of the earth and the stars. Deep dialogue was created, with the hidden parts within me, those I rejected and abandoned long ago.
It was time for healing….
In the nights I connected with the fire and gave it all the layers of the forgotten. I could feel how it listens to me and with its strength and wisdom it helps me to transform.
Step by step I could observe the change that was taking place inside me. My mind and thoughts became clearer.
Mother earth received me and nourished the spirit with the body. She embraced me and expanded the light with which I began to remember who I really am. My roots were strengthened and a strong bond with my ancestors was created. For the first time in my life I feel proud of where I come from and have faith and confidence in where I am going.

Thank you Mamorwa.
For receiving me and being present with your pure spirit. I carry your energy within my heart forever.

Thank you to all the kindred spirits I met at the retreat and was able to live and share with you. You are my family.

Thank you to the Mamos.
For your wisdom that you share with us, for your nourishment of words and trust.


My notes during the retreat

The essence of life
Is my very being
It is my soul
I feel complete
Loving everything around me
I feel what is invisible to the eyes and
I wish to live, feel and remember.


Nikola – Czech Republic, December 2022