Recovery of indigenous land

For a number of indigenous communities, land is much more than simply the place of their  earthly life : it is linked with their bodies, with identity, health, spirituality, and sometimes even with their vision of the origins of the cosmos.

This is why the recovery of their lands is one of the main priorities of the 4 peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. These lands were taken from them during the Spanish conquest, forcing them to migrate and turn into a sedentary population. (To learn more about it) 

To accomplish their mission as guardians of Mother Nature, the 4 tribes need access to the sacred sites of the línea negra which have, for some, become private properties. Today, the owners of these properties acknowledge that the lands belong to the indigenous people and are ready to sell them back.

The Mamos of Mamorwa participate, by collecting funds, in the recovery of the sacred territories essential to the spiritual healing of Earth and mankind.

Creation of an Arhuaco village

Once the territories constituting the Mamorwa site will be entirely recovered, the creation of one or more arhuaco villages is planned. The main idea being to increase the interactions with people who feel called there, in order to experience together and draw life lessons and wisdom : as a model of Humanity united by peace and a common responsibility and desire to take care of the living.

Functioning and maintenance of the Gunkerún Arhuaca school

A second project of land recovery and creation of a traditional village came to fruition in 2010, in the part of the Sierra Nevada bordering Pueblo Bello

Thanks to the partial financing of the lands granted by the Colombian government, and to the rallying of external support, a school has been built there. Today, it functions with around twenty students, but also with teachers paid by the Colombian government along with an independent training program that aims to protect the arhuaco way of life and culture while also allowing an opening onto the world by the teaching of Spanish and English. The school is equipped with a canteen and all the infrastructure needed for the students to be in the best learning conditions.

A donation fund is necessary to cover all the school’s expenses tied to the learning process of traditional arhuaco handicraft, agriculture, music, as well as the maintenance and renovation of the premises.

Example of a list of the Gunkerún school needs and their cost (here taken from training for the traditional arhuaco music and weaving of the mochila).




Coton 1 Quintal 300.000
Black sheep wool 15 Kilos 375.000
Grey sheep wool 15 Kilos 375.000
Brown sheep wool 15 Kilos 375.000
White sheep wool 15 Kilos 280.000
Agave 1 Quintal 700.000
Thread 10 big cones
Nowra to dye
15 Kilos 150.000
Chuna to dye
15 Kilos 150.000
Ura to dye
15 Kilos 150.000
Kugwinu to dye
15 Kilos 150.000
Murita to dye
15 Kilos 150.000
Revolving spindle to thread the wool 15
Carrumbas to thread the wool 6
Shells 15 Kilos 100.000
Drums 5
Maracas 10
Accordion 1 with two keyboards
Art and Music Teacher 10 days 200.000

Reforestation of the Mamorwa territories

The lands of Mamorwa are the results of decades of modern farming and monoculture that have led to an important deforestation. The idea is to resort to reforestation to support the  return of the wild fauna as well as the health of the water springs present on the land.



The first step that opened Mamowa to the world in 2015 was through its volunteer project.

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The Mamorwa retreat

Far away from the world’s restlessness, at the heart of natural abundance, the Mamorwa retreat is a journey of deep, inner personal transformation to heal what needs to be in our lives.

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Visits are adapted to individual demands, be it to discover the Arhuaco way of life, withdraw for a while from the surrounding agitation or deepen your understanding of the world and of your life.

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Sale of traditional handicraft

The Arhuacos have an ancestral tradition of weaving and handcrafted jewelry.

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Any person or organization that would feel connected to the message of Mamorwa can support the Mamos by making a donation.

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