• Year 2025 - Encounters in sacred land

    The meetings in Arhuaco territory for the year 2025 will take place :

    From January 10 to 31, 2025

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    Here we tell you the story of this traditional craft…

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  • Voices from the Sacred Mountains - Arhuaco people

    Short film on the Arhuaco people made by IWGIA

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Mamorwa grew from the dream of two Mamos (Wise Men) of the Arhuaco people, from their wish for a meeting, for an exchange with the “Little Brothers”. It came from the deep and necessary desire to share their knowledge, their vision of Life in accordance with Kunsamu : the laws of Life.

Since 2012 the Mamos of Mamorwa renew their invitation: “Welcome to you who wish to discover Mamorwa, bearer of a healing message for the hearts of both Humans and Mother Earth.”

There are three ways to sojourn at Mamorwa :


Find all the comments from volunteers on our dedicated page:

My soul called me to come to Mamorwa and I am more than grateful to hear it. (…) I lived in the present moment with the magic of the elements, strength of the mountains, abundance of nature’s beauty and healing of the pure water

NikolaVolunteering and Retreat 2022

There are places that we never forget, that touch us deeply because of what they leave in our hearts. Mamorwa is one of them

Anne-ClaireVolunteering and Retreat 2022

Working personally with Juan was a truly magical experience, his knowledge about the world really expanded my perspective on life, and I feel I have left Mamorwa with a deeper understanding of myself and my ‘being’ on this Earth and in the Universe

PhoebeVolunteering and Retreat 2022

This 3 weeks experience in Mamorwa will remain engraved in my mind. It was an unforgettable adventure

CharlotteVolunteering 2019

It is a stay that will remain forever engraved in my mind. To live with the Arhuacos is to reconnect with nature and with oneself. By coming to them I opened a door and simply learned to BE. I will be forever grateful for what they have given me

MarlèneVolunteering 2019

In this magical place, far from any technology, where time seems not to exist, I had the happiness and the honour to share the daily life of this Arhuaca family. Thank you to all these people for these moments of life that still accompany me in my daily life, and to this new part of the family that is waiting for me and that I will have a lot of joy to find again

ThomasVolunteering 2019 Retreat 2021

What I liked most was that the work on oneself was mixed with the work on the land. I did the retreat and over a month of volunteering. I found group life easy because there is a benevolence in this wild green setting

ChristèleRetreat 2021

Thanks to Mamos Duavico, Juan and the whole family, I had a great experience, authentic and spiritual. I went there out of curiosity and I came out better

RémiVolunteering 2021
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