Visiting is another way to stay on the site of Mamorwa, and is flexible to any request. The Mamos are available and ready to listen to your specific needs.

If you are interested in discovering the Arhuaco way of life, if you are ready to open to their vision of the world and would like to exchange with them on different subjects, you are more than welcome to join us and visit Mamorwa.

Once there, you will have the possibility of watching traditional weavers creating the mochila Tutu, the arhuaca satchel, or to discover the essentials of arhuaca cuisine.

You will also be able to take revitalizing walks in the forest or the mountains, and to follow the river that is nestled in the natural reserve where extraordinary wildlife abounds.

Do you wish to deepen your understanding of the world and of your own life, to rediscover how to become its creator and to surpass whatever is holding you back from your own fulfillment ?

Visits are open to any person searching for wisdom, harmony and equanimity.

Mamorwa is a sacred site from which the bond with Mother Earth, the Spirit in all things, the breath of life becomes more perceptible, sensitive and visible. At the heart of an untouched  nature, the sovereign elements offer their harmony, their serene balance, which is a constant spiritual teaching.

Through the ancestral arhuacan wisdom we regain consciousness of the fact that nature truly is our body and vice versa. To awaken to the mysteries of the human being and of the universe, we have at our disposal one of the greatest masters and teachers, Mother Nature itself.

The Mamos of Mamorwa are in a constant and vivid connection to Nature, to its mysteries and lessons. They embody Mother Nature’s voice, translating her wisdom from the crackling of fire, the caress of the wind, the mountain’s sound or the heartbeat of water.