You are invited to come and develop your inner strength, the foundation that we must stand on as we move towards the fulfillment of who we are, helping us overcome our limitations to rediscover what a life made of passion and accomplishment truly is. This is the growth volunteering on the Mamorwa site offers to sprout in you.

By living among the Arhuacos, in the heart of an abundant natural reserve, you will take part and discover a traditional way of life, which has succeeded to keep up with its roots, and finds answers to questions and problems that we encounter in modern life.

The Arhuacos draw wisdom-lessons from every moment of their daily life. If you volunteer at Mamorwa it is with the loving intent to receive those teachings with an attentive ear, eyes wide open and mouth full of questions.

To experience this inner strength, to grasp the lessons, the Mamos remind us that we need more clarity on our lives. We need to learn how to shed new light on where we are coming from, which will enable us to understand the roots of the obstacles that we encounter.