When you arrive at the sacred site of Mamorwa, a spiritual path awaits you.

There are three ways in which you may come to Mamorwa- volunteering, participating in a retreat and visiting. Each of these possibilities may serve as a tool for profound transformation.

Below we provide descriptions of these tools and their relation to each-other.


Through volunteering we may learn how to look within, to introspect upon the causes of our difficulties and sufferings without having to go through the pain they have caused us once again.

We may learn to activate and develop dormant yet foundationally healthy qualities such as inner receptivity, concentration, motivation, self-surpassing, and we may cultivate a strong-will in our own lives. It is a transformative process that is physical, emotional and mental as well as spiritual.

The Mamos guide volunteers with advice and wisdom based on their way of life. This opportunity offers, step by step, a better and more profound understanding of the functioning of the universe and of our inner-self. In this way we may experience a change of perspective of ourselves and of our life through contact with the daily life of the Mamos and their families, their customs being vibrant with life and knowledge for those ready to listen.

The Mamorwa retreat

During this retreat we participate in the pagamento ritual. With the guidance of the Mamos, as the guardians of this offering to Mother Nature, we spend an immersive and intense twelve-days at the heart of ancestral wisdom to birth a new beginning for our lives. First by healing the roots of our suffering, then by making our positive creativity grow.

Furthermore, this time of withdrawal from civilization is an invitation to renew a living contact with nature through a profound revitalization of our being.

The retreat is a commiting process which calls for a strong personal implication, that is working on cleaning and rebuilding our lives, thus creating great reward for ourselves, nature and the universe.


This last option, in its dimension of inner search, is a pathway of intense and profound focalization towards the Spirit. We could define it as a time to converse with the Spirit, the principle of creation, God, Life or Kakʉ : many different terms that signify and point towards the same direction.

Visiting can be addressed to individuals in search of wisdom who wish to be initiated by nature’s voice. The site of Mamorwa is a place connected to the celestial energies of the stars, planets and space. The indication of precise sites by the knowledge of the Mamos, to converse with the Spirit of each thing, allows us to incorporate peace, tranquility and joy not as fleeting sensations but as states of being which we are made of.

A visit can allow you to experiment with who you truly are.

The proposal gave by the Mamos for your trip

With intuition being the main guide on a spiritual path, it is up to each individual to recognize their call. 

That being said, the Mamos have prepared a detailed plan for your stay in Mamorwa, in order to deepen your awakening process.

The retreat is an intense immersion with a high level of spiritual work. It is necessary to acquire the basic foundations of arhuaca’s spirituality, to spend some time on the sacred site and to open one’s mind to the pagamento prior to the retreat and as part of the volunteer work. This is the discovery of one’s path for 5 days minimum.

By the end of the Mamorwa retreat, you will have opened and seeded your way to a new reality. The Mamos explain that a period of germination is necessary so that this reality experienced from within becomes a concrete life path. This is the nourishment of one’s life path, for a minimum of 5 days after the end of the retreat. It prepares you to integrate the arhuaca’s spirituality into your daily life, which will be in constant transformation.

Finally, the Mamos connect the evolutionary cycles of humans with those of nature.

When your lives are tinged with difficulties, suffering and doubts that obscure the path, you enter your autumn. This is the time of introspection which allows you to let go of the old to welcome, during the winter solstice, in the dark night, the rebirth of your inner sun.

Thus when you are preparing for a new beginning, it is spring. You are planting all the seeds of this new self-consciousness which will yield the beautiful realisations of your life under the shining sun of summer.

Naturally, when autumn comes around again, you will understand that it is an opportunity to become closer to your essence. The repetition of this pathway is thus advised by the Mamos, as the journey of human evolution towards its positive aspirations has no fixed end.