“At Mamorwa I also did the 5 day retreat, which at first I was hesitant to do as I was worried that I would find it too difficult. But, I am so glad I took the opportunity to do it.

The Retreat is not just about looking inwards and releasing the negativity we have inside our body, it is also about cleansing yourself using the Ancient work of the Mamos, and bringing in positivity.

You really delve a lot deeper than just doing the 4am meditation as a volunteer, and the journaling and sharing our realisations/emotions around the Fire Circle was such a powerful way to build on myself as a person.

Working personally with Juan was a truly magical experience, his knowledge about the world really expanded my perspective on life, and I feel I have left Mamorwa with a deeper understanding of myself and my ‘being’ on this Earth and in the Universe.

We also worked on cleansing our family members and friends, and I really noticed the difference in my relationships with them, and also their personal lives, when I left Mamorwa and came into contact with them again. It really blew me away.

I am forever grateful for this experience and the inner peace, understanding of one’s-self, and the beautiful perspective of life that it has given me.”

Phoebe – England, May 2022