“For me, Mamorwa was a journey into unknown territory on all levels. I didn’t know the history of the Arhuacos and Colombia. I just wanted to meet them and find myself. At 48 years old, I wanted to take a break in my life. I appreciated the care on arrival in Valledupar to the Mamorwa site. It was simple and just what I was looking for.

What I liked most was that the work on oneself was mixed with the work on the land. I did the retreat and over a month of volunteering. I found group life easy because there is a benevolence in this wild green setting. The comfort is spartan. The place brings us back to basics.

In the end, I came back with the impression of having learned about myself. I made some beautiful encounters. I came back with some seeds of wisdom from the Mamos. Thank you to the Mamos, to Gounavia, to the children and to all those who shared this beautiful human adventure with me.”



Christèle – France, april 2021