The meetings in Arhuaco territory for the year 2022 will take place :

  • from 19 May to 19 June 2022 included
  • from 9 November to 9 December, 2022 included

See calendar 2023

Our French translator and the Mamos’ gateway will be present to accompany you in this encounter with the Mamos’ wisdom. They will guide you towards an encounter with yourself. Indeed, this is the purpose of your coming to Mamorwa :

To reconnect with yourself, perhaps with your deepest aspirations? Or perhaps with your childhood dreams? Let’s not leave them in the wardrobe…

There are 3 ways to come : The Mamorwa Retreat, volunteering and visiting.

2 retreats are planned :

  • from 27 May to 5 June 2022 included
  • from 17 to 26 November 2022 included

They are limited to 10 places.


In practice, you have the choice to design your trip as you wish, for a few days or the whole meeting in Mamorwa.

To receive more information, you can write to or use our contact form.

I recommend the magnificent film ALUNA about the Kogis (direct neighbours of the Arhuacos), to get a glimpse of the great human consciousness of the people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta :

Do not hesitate to share this message to make the greatest number of people benefit from it,

See you soon for this adventure of exceptional value.

Duni Eyguianachukua,